Licenses & certifications

atul pagyal google and qualifications

SRINI RAJU Center for IT and Networked Economy

The Online Marketing Fundamentals, search engine optimization,Digital Marketing

2017 - 2018

Activities and societies: Search,Email,Social Media,Display,Video,E-Commerce,Geo-Targeting,Anlytics

The Online Marketing Fundamentals

Digital Unlocked

Diploma in International Affairs, Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping, and Diplomacy

Course Modules Completed:
  • Introduction to International Affairs
  • Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • Peacekeeping Operations
  • Diplomatic Studies
  • International Law and Human Rights
  • Regional Studies
  • Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Crisis Management and Peacebuilding

S No : 1820152024

amithy international university

Amity University

Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing

2014 - 2017

Activities and societies: Search Engine Optimization,Social Media Marketing,Search Engine Marketing,Web Analytics,Email,Display and Mobile Marketing

Licenses & certifications

atul pagyal united nations disarment orientation course

UNITED NATIONS Disarmament Orientation

UNIDIR — UNITED NATIONS Institute for Disarmament Research

Issued Mar 2024 · Expired Mar 2024

Credential ID IP-24-UNIDIR

Creating a Communications Strategy


Issued Feb 2024

Skills: Communications Strategy

How Today's Trends Will Reshape the Future (Book Bite)

2030: How Today's Trends Will Reshape the Future (Book Bite)


Issued Feb 2024

Emerging Trends

atul pagyal ceo qualification course

The CEO Test: Mastering Leadership Challenges 


Issued Feb 2024
atul pagyal social media couse digital strategy and political stratergy

Social Media Marketing: Strategy and Optimization


Issued Jan 2024

Skills: Social Media Marketing · Marketing Strategy