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From Local Hands to Global Lands

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The Prime Minister of India has fervently endorsed this campaign, urging all citizens to prioritize local consumption and thereby contribute to India's progress. This clarion call acknowledges the industrious efforts of India's vast population of 1.4 billion in fostering self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

Vocal For Local (Global): Empowering Local Enterprise on the Global Stage

Introduction to Vocal For Local (Global)

Vocal For Local is a transformative initiative championed by the Government of India, advocating for the promotion and consumption of local products. The underlying objective is to stimulate economic growth by bolstering local brands and aiding them in their journey towards global recognition.

The Prime Minister of India has fervently endorsed this campaign, urging all citizens to prioritize local consumption and thereby contribute to India's progress. This clarion call acknowledges the industrious efforts of India's vast population of 1.4 billion in fostering self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

This initiative serves as a catalyst for India's mission to achieve self-sufficiency in production, distribution, and consumption of goods. It underscores the pivotal role of domestic manufacturing in shaping the economy and driving growth across various sectors.

Overview of Vocal For Local (Global)

Vocal For Local (Global) is a trailblazing business venture and social enterprise, infused with a formidable investment capital of $1.5 billion. Conceived by Amit Gupta and Aman Gupta, the Managing Directors of Vocal For Locals (Global), the organization epitomizes the spirit of empowering local sellers, growers, and manufacturers to extend their market presence both within India and on the global front.

Inspired by the visionary initiative of the Government of India, Vocal For Local (Global) has garnered significant international support, with 58 countries endorsing its mission. Noteworthy among these are the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Peru, and numerous others.

Leadership and Team

Guided by the insightful leadership of CEO Atul Pagyal, Vocal For Locals has witnessed consistent growth and expansion. The organization is home to a diverse and talented team representing various regions across the globe, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to further the company's mission.

Key Team Members:


Country: India

Position: Director of Operations, India


Country: Ireland

Position: Marketing Manager, Europe


Country: Spain

Position: Business Development Manager, Latin America


Country: Japan

Position: Sales Manager, Asia-Pacific


Country: Russia

Position: Supply Chain Manager, Europe


Country: Brazil

Position: E-commerce Manager, Latin America


Country: Canada

Position: Customer Service Manager, North America


Country: Saudi Arabia

Position: Finance Manager, Middle East


Country: France

Position: Product Manager, Europe


Country: Mexico

Position: Logistics Manager, Latin America


Country: Croatia

Position: Graphic Designer, Europe


Country: Argentina

Position: Social Media Manager, Latin America

With a robust team of over 1500 dedicated individuals worldwide, Vocal For Local (Global) remains unwavering in its commitment to revolutionizing the global marketplace. The organization is determined to bridge international trade disparities and ensure that local businesses not only gain visibility but flourish on the world stage.

What they Do

Supporting Local Industries:

Increased Visibility:

Updated: It amplifies the visibility of local products, both domestically and internationally.

Consumer Awareness:

Updated: The campaign enhances public awareness about the importance of supporting local businesses, thus spurring demand for indigenous products.

Government Support:

Updated: The government bolsters local businesses through incentives and streamlined regulations, paving the way for their global competitiveness.

Product Innovation:

Updated: The movement encourages businesses to foster creativity and invest in superior products tailored for both local and global markets.

Sustainable Practices:

Updated: Highlighting sustainable production methods enables local industries to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Building a Stronger Export Ecosystem:

Networking Opportunities:

Updated: Local businesses collaborate and network, bolstering their global market presence.

Building Brand Equity:

Updated: A commitment to local production fosters a positive reputation and amplifies demand from international consumers.

Impact on the Rural Economy:

Economic Empowerment:

Updated: The campaign invigorates various rural industries, from handicrafts to small-scale manufacturing, augmenting the income of local producers.

Agricultural Resurgence:

Updated: By endorsing locally grown products, it cultivates new markets for farmers, fostering sustainable agricultural practices.

Social and Cultural Reinforcement:

Updated: As consumers champion local businesses, a deeper connection between producers and consumers emerges, safeguarding cultural heritage.

Impact on the MSME Sector:

Market Expansion:

Updated: The surge in demand for local products has enabled smaller businesses to penetrate markets traditionally dominated by larger corporations.

Government Support:

Updated: The government has rolled out supportive policies for MSMEs, encompassing financial aid, enhanced credit accessibility, and streamlined regulatory processes.

Innovation and Technology Adoption:

Updated: To adapt to evolving market dynamics, MSMEs are increasingly focusing on innovation and the integration of new technologies.

Job Creation:

Updated: The sector's growth, propelled by the "Vocal for Local" campaign, continues to stimulate job creation and economic development.

The Role of Technology:

E-Commerce Platforms:

Updated: Platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon facilitate local businesses in reaching a wider audience.

Digital Marketing:

Updated: Social media, SEO, and online advertising empower local businesses to effectively engage with consumers.

Supply Chain Innovation:

Updated: Technological advancements in supply chain management bolster consumer confidence in the origin and quality of local products.

E-Governance Initiatives:

Updated: Digital platforms streamline bureaucratic processes for small businesses, integrating them seamlessly into the online marketplace.

Challenges and Considerations:

Digital Divide:

Challenge: Issues like digital literacy and technological access require attention.

Consideration: Efforts should be undertaken to ensure that technological benefits are inclusive and accessible to even the most remote producers.

The Way Forward:

Awareness and Promotion:

Continue educating consumers through awareness campaigns.

Collaborate with influencers and leverage social media to spotlight success stories.

Policy Support and Infrastructure:

Prioritize the creation of an enabling environment for local businesses.

Offer financial incentives, tax benefits, and enhance infrastructure.

Technology Integration:

Embrace digital platforms to bolster local businesses.

Encourage innovation and research within local industries.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

Cultivate collaborations between government bodies, private sectors, NGOs, and academia.

Champion public-private partnerships for sustainable growth.